• November 18, 2021

Chargify Joins the HubSpot App Marketplace

Chargify, a billing and subscription management platform provider, has joined the HubSpot App Marketplace.

The Chargify and HubSpot bi-directional integration provides subscription lifecycle management by syncing data in real-time between Chargify and HubSpot.

"At Chargify we recognized a strong demand from our customers to leverage their subscription billing data within their CRM tool," said Barrow Hamilton, chief product officer of Chargify, in a statement. "By using this integration, SaaS companies can easily view and manage subscription and customer details directly within HubSpot to identify trends among their customers and prospects that will help their businesses achieve scalable business growth."

The Chargify and HubSpot integration further provides a seamless workflow, and the data synced to HubSpot from the Chargify App lets users view, create, activate, modify, and manage recurring subscriptions. Out-of-the-box field mappings are available, historical data will sync right away after set-up is completed, and incoming updates will then sync new billing data in real time.

Marketing teams can leverage the integration to analyze billing information to identify customer trends and then initiate and manage campaigns based on specific customer product use.

"One of the most fascinating things to me in the SaaS space is how much your billing data can influence your entire organization, not just the finance or accounting team," Hamilton said. "There's a ton of information in your billing system that can help you make strategic decisions that most people don't think about. For example, let's say you're a customer success manager managing 100 customers and your goal is to grow the revenue of your customer base by 30 percent. You could use the information within the Chargify and HubSpot integration to see which customers are already growing above 30 percent, identify common trends from their billing data that's contributing to this growth, and then use this information to create custom marketing campaigns within HubSpot to guide your other customers who aren't growing as quickly."

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