• November 4, 2021

Inclusivv Adds Features to Its Conversations Platform

Inclusivv has updated its customer engagement platform with features that allow online event organizers and participants to stay connected, share stories, and take action.

With these new features, Inclusivv aims to turn conversations into action and help organizations, universities, companies, and communities navigate challenging topics, track meaningful progress against goals, and measure employee engagement and culture change.

Updates to the Inclusivv platform include the following:

  • Stories, to capture the power of conversations by providing a window into topic ideas, stories, and learnings. After conversations, participants are prompted to share key takeaways and upload pre-recorded videos or photos with written stories. These stories are then presented publicly, allowing future participants to see the impact of the conversation and share on social media.
  • Actions, to harness the passion that immediately follows conversations and recommend specific next steps. Each conversation topic can have up to seven custom actions that are visible to participants immediately following the conversation. Participants can check off actions they have completed, and all completed actions are then aggregated for customers to see the collective impact.
  • Guest Connections, allowing conversation attendees to connect after events end.
  • Conversation Topic Preferences, which allows users to select from 20 themes when registering for the first time. These preferences are saved and will feed the matching engine to recommend conversations relevant to each individual.
  • NPS Collection, which collects formal NPS scores from guests and hosts after each conversation. This data provides Inclusivv, customers, and potential investors a standard quantitative measure of satisfaction and sentiment. Inclusivv will report NPS by various dimensions, giving insight into customer conversations, hosts, and satisfaction ratings.

"My personal mission has always been centered around designing a more inclusive world," said Jenn Graham, CEO of Inclusivv, in a statement. "These new additions to our platform finally provide a structured way for organizers to become catalysts for real change. Not only can you now facilitate small-group structured conversations at scale, but you can also encourage participants to share their stories, stay connected, and take meaningful steps toward progress on topics that are important and relevant."

"With stories, participants now can share their voice, reflect on insightful prompts, and engage their social network around the issues they care about," said Lauren Langley, head of product and design at Inclusivv, in a statement. "With actions, we've finally closed the loop around how we help organizations create real and lasting change. Now organizers have a way to harness the power of structured conversation and apply it toward meaningful collective action around critical topics ranging from racial equity to climate change."

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