• October 8, 2021

Socialive Debuts Next-Gen Video Content Creation Platform

Socialive, a self-serve video content creation platform provider, has launched the next generation of its Socialive platform, offering companies a unified platform to create, broadcast and distribute studio-quality video content.

Powered by Dual Recording Technology, the next-generation Socialive platform unifies the disparate technologies required for live broadcasting and high-quality remote recordings. Now, businesses can produce high-end video for live broadcasts while simultaneously generating isolated recordings (ISOs) of up to 20 individual guests in perfect 1080p HD quality. These ISOs—captured via local devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers—are automatically uploaded to the cloud-based Socialive Recordings Library, where they can be repurposed for on-demand video content after the live broadcast concludes/p>

"Video has become the new standard for storytelling and audience communication in the enterprise. Until now, producing high-caliber video content across distributed organizations and geographies has been impossibly complex, requiring a wide range of disparate, expensive tools and specialized skills," said David Moricca, founder and CEO of Socialive, in a statement. "The next-generation Socialive platform is fundamentally changing the way video content is created in the enterprise. With our Dual Recording Technology, customers can easily capture remote recordings—live or on-demand—to make the most of their video investments and drive greater business value."

In addition to its Dual Recording Technology capabilities, Socialive also announced significant advancements to existing platform features, including the following:

  • Studio in the Cloud, which allows users to create live and on-demand video content from any location using any device.
  • Virtual Green Room, which facilitates remote communication between video creators and talent before, during, and after live shows or recording sessions.
  • Recordings Library to source, clip, and edit video content from a centralized location. As soon as a broadcast ends, all HD video files are automatically stored in the Recordings Library, with no manual file transfer required.
  • Updated mobile features, including a more immersive user experience, larger video displays, and the ability for guests to record on their own time and asynchronously contribute video content to the cloud-based Recordings Library.

"We are no longer limited when it comes to video creation across our organization," said Bailey Fisher, senior digital marketing specialist at Qualtrics, in a statement. "With Socialive, we have been able to significantly expand our video strategy to increase collaboration with our employees and partners. The self-serve platform has had a huge impact internally, as it allows anyone to uplevel their content and become the video producer, no prior video production experience necessary."

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