• September 23, 2021

Airship Launches Preference Center

Customer engagement company Airship today launched Airship Preference Center to help marketers manage customers' opt-in choices.

Airship Preference Center is seamlessly integrated within Airship's cloud-based Customer Engagement Platform, enabling marketers to guide customers to their preference center through contextually triggered in-app messages or any number of cross-channel journeys for onboarding, loyalty enrollment, new subscription content, and more. Airship's composer enables marketers to create multiple subscription lists spanning popular interests, topics,or types of messages.

Marketers can combine opt-in selections with customers' real-time mobile behaviors for hyper-personalized messaging and track list opt-ins or review in-depth performance analytics reports to continually fine-tune and enhance options.

"Mobile apps have been a lifeline for both businesses and consumers throughout the pandemic, offering faster purchasing, richer content, and streamlined conveniences, like curbside pickup. However, new user-centric notification controls mean marketers must be much clearer and more precise in the preference choices offered to customers to ensure the communications they receive are relevant and valued," said Brett Caine, CEO and president of Airship, in a statement. "Airship Preference Center brings unparalleled speed and flexibility to understand individual customer preferences and fine-tune the experience with the full power of our platform to reach people when and where it matters most to them."

"As pandemic restrictions lift and broad-scale travel resumes it's absolutely vital that we connect our customers to the best values and broader inspiration to satisfy pent-up wanderlust," said Dave McCormick, managing director of product and design at Alaska Airlines, in a statement. "Airship's Preference Center will provide an easy and efficient way to ensure marketing messages do not diminish the role our mobile app plays as a real-time travel companion, notifying customers of when they can check-in or if there happens to be a gate change."

In addition to the Preference Center, Airship is also providing day-one support for Apple's iOS 15, which contains new customer privacy protections. The Airship update allows marketers to specify interruption levels for notifications—Passive, Active, Time Sensitive, or Critical—which iOS 15 uses to determine how they will be delivered. For example, a notification can be set to break through aFocus mode to immediately alert a user, or it can be selected to arrive with an audible alert or not. Marketers can also use Airship to set relevance scores for notifications and to add rich media, which alongside user behavior, sets the order and prominence of messages within the user-scheduled Notifications Summary.

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