• September 16, 2021

Semcasting Launches ADS Business Title Targeting

Semcasting, a marketing and identity resolution technology provider, today launched Business Title targeting as part of its its Audience Designer (ADS) Data Center.

Using natural-language processing with the automated classification of titles, roles, and experience, Semcasting has built deterministic profiles for more than 74 million employees by title with links to their offices and their homes. Through ADS, a target audience can be refined by their professional title and seniority, as well as by their consumer profile and interests.

With ADS Business Title targeting, B2B marketers can programmatically execute B2B campaigns to pre-qualified decision-makers with full transparency to who they are reaching at scale. To each professional profile, Semcasting has applied a constellation approach to digital identity that is based on hashed emails, personal mobile devices, corporate network IP addresses, home WIFI networks, and connected TV identifiers.

Semcasting's constellation approach to identity resolution provides match rates of 85 percent or better to first-party CRM lists. Semcasting ADS is a cookie-free matching process that links directly to most major media platforms.

Employee Business Profiles is an advancement to the existing ADS 2B Organizational Targeting. B2B Organizational Targeting allows marketers to onboard a first-party data list and then enhance and segment that audience based on a businesses' North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) industry code, revenue, employee count, and location. Marketers can further tailor their B2B audiences by standard attributes or by title, level, or organization and industry.

"Adequate scale in various B2B and [account-based marketing] siloed tactics have been consistent problems for B2B marketing regardless of the target industry," said Ray Kingman, founder and CEO of Semcasting, in a statement. "The ability of ADS to onboard first-party data at match rates above 85 percent is an advantage, but to be able to transparently select professionals by title, industry, company names, domains, or geography upfront without having to march down the proverbial funnel can be a game changer in terms of achieving immediate scale while saving time and money."

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