• September 14, 2021

Quantcast Adds Cookieless Innovations to Its Platform 

Quantcast, an advertising technology company, today introduced its cookieless solutions, available to users within the Quantcast Platform, to help advertisers reach audiences without third-party cookies. Also new to the platform, Quantcast Connect directly matches publisher supply with marketer demand through smarter insights, while Ara TopicMap uses artificial intelligence to link contextual signals to consumer intent.

A key feature of Quantcast's cookieless solutions in the Quantcast Platform is cookieless conversion reporting, which allows advertisers to measure and justify investments in cookieless environments and allows publishers to quantify the large and growing portion of customers whose browsing is not supported by third-party cookies.

Ara TopicMap, an integral part of the Ara AI and machine learning engine powering the Quantcast Platform, uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze billions of data points to catalogue and characterize topics and content on the open internet. The Ara TopicMap generates real-time insights into consumer behavior so users can respond and adjust campaigns on the Quantcast Platform.

Quantcast Connect brings marketers and publishers directly together within the Quantcast Platform to enhance deal and audience discovery, simplify the buying process, and measure and validate supply deals. Publishers can now showcase their inventory and drive non-endemic leads with marketers, and marketers can broaden their reach and uncover additional sites and segments relevant to their desired audiences.

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