• September 9, 2021

AppsFlyer Launches Conversion Studio

AppsFlyer, a marketing measurement and experience platform provider, today launched Conversion Studio, a hyper-flexible solution for conversion value measurement for post-install activity within the SKAN framework.

"With Conversion Studio, we set out to help marketers with a challenge that has plagued them in the post iOS 14 era: the difficulty in understanding how valuable their acquired users are in the long run," said Roy Yanai, head of product for SKAdNetwork at AppsFlyer, in a statement. "By design, SKAN limits advertisers to a single conversion value, which only captures one aspect of the users' post-install activity. With Conversion Studio, AppsFlyer is giving marketers the power to master SKAdNetwork conversions and take back control over SKAN post-install measurement with insight into the lifetime value of their users."

Conversion Studio lets marketers set their conversion value mapping and measure several metrics simultaneously. With visual cues that show the conversion value capacity and how each metric is measured, advertisers can fine-tune their mapping. Once the conversion value mapping is housed in AppsFlyer, it can be  shared with all SKAN integrated partners, serving as a single-source-of-truth for SKAN measurement."

With Conversion Studio, marketers will now be able to do the following:

  • Split measurement metrics.
  • Extend the post-install user activity timer to a 72 hour window.
  • Know when a user was last active, which facilitates the measuring of critical aspects like retention and cohorts.
  • Measure ranges within any specific metric.
  • Measure funnels to optimize the full capacity of lifetime value.

"With AppsFlyer's solution for custom conversion value mapping, we finally have the freedom in what and how we want to measure on iOS" Michal Prokop Grno, head of marketing analytics at Pixel Federation, in a statement. "And all of that without the need to write a single line of code."

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