• September 9, 2021

SlickText Introduces Workflows

SlickText, a provider of text communications, has launched Workflows to help marketers implement complex, intent-driven conversational sequences.

With SlickText Workflows, companies can automate touchpoints while providing a truly one-to-one, customer-to-brand experience via text messaging.

SlickText Workflows automates a variety of campaigns and tasks, including lead nurturing and engagement campaigns, intelligent abandoned cart sequencing, and drip campaigns. These campaigns and potential use cases cover a variety of purposes throughout all steps of the customer lifecycle—from data collection and loyal customer touch points to new lead engagement.

Workflows also offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities. Marketers can use its analytics dashboard to gather insights from a variety of statistics, including performance metrics, click-through rates, and cart recovery analytics. The analytics dashboard also offers real-time statistics for each automation and what's happening along each step in the marketing campaign.

"The growth of automation and data-based capabilities will propel the next wave of text marketing innovation. Workflows combines both with ease of use and program scalability," said Matt Baglia, CEO and chief technology officer of SlickText, in a statement. "Now, brands can implement long, complex text marketing journeys. Our software provides tools for continued campaign optimization to consistently set SlickText users up for success. Marketers seek to create distinctive brand experiences for their customers and, with Workflows, personalization and trigger-based communication has never been easier and more proficient."

"Collecting information is now totally automated without someone from our team having to be managing that and inputting that data. We get the information we need and save time while doing it," said Clint Davenport, co-founder of online retailer Onyx & Oak, in a statement. "We saw a 45 percent increase in monthly sales from text marketing alone."

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