• September 9, 2021

GWI Updates Market Research Platform

GWI has updated its market research platform, arming employees with one consistent in-depth view of their global or local audiences.

The new platform includes smart tools for exploring available datasets and access to a harmonized ongoing study of digital consumers, representing 2 billion people globally. Users of the flagship survey, GWI Core, can gather insights from more than 40,000 data points from more than 800,000 interviews.

"The new platform enables a new dawn for the future of marketing research, ensuring it is suited for today's environment, which consists of rapid change of pace for business and consumers. Our data shows that 72 percent of professionals globally agree that being able to adapt quickly is critical to their companies' long-term success. Yet, the traditional market research industry has utterly failed the needs of its customers in today's global marketplace, a world where almost 5 billion people are permanently connected online. Uncovering really transformative insight isn't easy, nor is it always on time. Traditional research often takes several months, and can be delayed throughout the process. Despite heavy investment, the insights can therefore quickly become outdated, while putting market research out of reach for nearly every single organization," said Tom Smith, CEO and founder of GWI, in a statement.

"With our new platform combined with our tried and tested methodology, you can secure insights and answers in an instant versus a drawn-out process at a fraction of the traditional market research cost. At the same time you can ensure organizational alignment, meaning everyone is working from a single source of truth to tell the same story, inform the decisions that matter, and deliver impactful results," Smith continued.

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