• August 24, 2021

Simplr Launches Personal Connections Prompts

Simplr, a customer experience platform provider, today launched Personal Connections Prompts, which leverage customer data and insights to ensure consistently empathetic and one-to-one customer interactions.

Simplr enables brands and retailers to provide rapid responses across digital channels. Its Human Cloud Network is bolstered by Simplr artificial intelligence with in-the-moment tips, on-brand tone and voice, product information, and guidelines.

Personal Connection Prompts now also give Simplr specialists prompts and suggestions to personalize their customer service responses based on each consumer's past purchase behavior, past interactions, life events, world events, and detected interests. Simplr's AI-based platform detects these insights and surfaces the prompts and suggestions directly within the agent workflow.

"It's clear that investing in personalization and empathy is a must-have for any business that sees customer experience as a revenue driver. But to do it at scale across service and support traditionally requires significant overhead and training without any guarantee of consistency or effectiveness," said Daniel Rodriguez, Simplr's chief marketing officer, in a statement. "Simplr represents a new way forward for CX, where through the perfect marriage of human connection and cutting-edge technology, our partners are building real rapport and better customer engagement in every single customer interaction."

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