• August 18, 2021

Merkle Expands Partnership with ActionIQ

Merkle, a customer experience management (CXM) company, has expanded its partnership with ActionIQ, a customer data platform (CDP) provider, and completed an integration of its Merkury identity platform within ActionIQ.

Merkle's Merkury resolves anonymous and known consumer identity, cleanses and dedupes data, and brings offline-based data attributes of all U.S. consumers to the integrated solution. This enables the enrichment of digital customer profiles with offline data; the linkage of fragmented consumer data to a universal ID by combining attributes and identifiers; and the application of cookieless addressability into paid media channels and premium publisher platforms.

Increased accuracy and richness of person-based identifiers expands on ActionIQ's PersonMatch identity product;

The new solution allows marketers to do the following:

  • Connect offline CRM profiles to unknown consumers in real time while they are active on owned properties, such as websites or apps;
  • Append more than 10,000 third-party data attributes at a person level to ActionIQ customer profiles;
  • More precisely target consumers through audience segmentation and modeling;
  • Activate ActionIQ audiences in paid media without third-party cookies; and
  • Understand unique channel performance across consumer journeys and conversion attribution.

"Offering exceptional personalized experiences for users is paramount to not only retaining customers but attracting new ones," said Neil Wilson, vice president of partnerships at ActionIQ, in a statement. "We're thrilled to be expanding our partnership with Merkle through the integration of their Merkury identity platform within ActionIQ to enable marketers with an enhanced view of their consumers to create meaningful and informed activations across channels."

"As marketers prepare for the demise of identifiers such as third-party cookies, they are looking for ways to manage the customer journey and to continue having personalized and relevant conversations with consumers. The evolution of Merkle's partnership with ActionIQ is a tangible and effective way for brands to engage with consumers in real time," said Matt Seeley, global data transformation leader at Merkle, in a statement.

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