• July 28, 2021

Idomoo Launches Living Video

Video company Idomoo has launched Living Video, a suite of functionalities that make video evergreen, customizable, and interactive. These videos can update in real time based on context and user input.

"Living Video revolutionizes video, giving viewers an interactive experience just like they've come to expect from the web," said Danny Kalish, Idomoo's chief technology officer and co-founder, in a statement. "It closes the gap between a static video and the dynamic, up-to-date, contextual web."

Living Video, includes the following functionalities:

  • In-player customization: Viewers can upload media, change elements ,and more, making it their own one-of-a-kind creation and empowering viral social sharing.
  • Native interactivity: Beyond just clicking a button in a video, users can interact directly with video elements to trigger a host of actions, from jumping to another scene to sending an email. Videos are shoppable, too, so customers can click a product in a scene and go straight to checkout or swipe to watch the next product.
  • Living Data and contextualization: Videos can now update in real time based on context, such as the viewer's location, or live data feeds, such as retail inventory.

"Living Video is incredibly powerful in terms of scaling video communications and driving ROI," Kalish said. "One video, ever-evolving, endless variations, and it's always relevant. That's what Living Video does."

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