• July 27, 2021

Dynamic Yield Delivers Personalization for Single Page Applications

Dynamic Yield has made it possible for companies to deploy Dynamic Yield on any single-page application framework, including React, Vue.js, Angular, and Backbone enabling marketers to tailor the website using Dynamic Yield’s full suite of personalization capabilities. Companies can also experiment based on real-time changes, regardless of infrastructure, page, or use case.

"The days of building static, multipage sites are behind us as more and more technical teams move toward single-page applications for dynamically processing and delivering content," said Liad Agmon, CEO of Dynamic Yield, in a statement. "With Dynamic Yield for SPAs, developers have all of the tools they need to implement and experiment on any environment."

Dynamic Yield with single-page applications includes the following:

  • Automatic tracking of UI changes to help understand user interactions on an SPA site as they are happening;
  • Real-time page-type detection, to identify when a user clicks from the homepage to a listing page, product page, cart page, and more) and automatically trigger pageviews or events every time a SPA transition or screen change occurs; and
  • Seamless elements optimization, to ensure dynamic changes made to the structure, content, and styling of pages, screens, and elements is done via Shadow DOM for the safe personalization of hero banners, product recommendations, page layouts, and more.

"Both personalization and performance are incredibly important to our business and the end-customer experience we deliver," said Wong Louiza, campaigns and merchandising manager at Castlery, in a statement. "By Dynamic Yield providing full support for single page applications, we no longer have to sacrifice one for the other."

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