• July 20, 2021

Redpoint Global Launches In Situ Cloud Data Quality Solution

Redpoint Global today launched In Situ, a cloud-native, data quality-as-a-service (DQaaS) that delivers perfected data and resolved identities in real time using first-party data.

In Situ provides unified customer data in place without the need to transfer data across the internet. In Situ also provides transparency into the quality, reliability, and trust of all customer data.

Named for the Latin phrase meaning in the original place In Situ operates within existing cloud subscriptions. Data quality, identity resolution, and governance are contained within existing Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), yielding a comprehensive identity graph and a full transactional and behavior tail as a real-time, holistic golden record for each customer with zero data exposure.

Customer data perfection, as defined by each organization regardless of the industry, is the foundation of delivering superior experiences, whether for a customer, member, patient, subscriber or donor," said Dale Renner, co-founder and CEO of Redpoint Global, in a statement. "In Situ transforms the creation and delivery of perfect data, wherever and whenever it is needed, in the cloud with no concessions in quality, speed, security and scale.  For more than a decade Redpoint has led the market in providing the best, most accurate, and complete customer golden record. With In Situ, all stakeholders win by having complete data transparency and trust in the quality of their customer data, while at the same time maintaining control and security of their most valuable asset."

In Situ can integrate any data source immediately through data quality and standardization, with Redpoint's proprietary machine learning-based probabilistic and heuristic matching and advanced identity resolution. The service is offered on a consumption basis, adapts to any custom data model, and includes simplified self-service through a user control panel.

The insights contained in an enterprise's first-party data are transformational building blocks for future success, but they will only be usable if they have perfected data, made easy," said George Corugedo, chief technology officer and co-founder of Redpoint Global, in a statement. "Decision makers, marketers, and analysts within the organization should not have to worry about complex IT methodologies for data quality and identity resolution. They just need a way to simply verify the quality is there and have the right tools to effortlessly access and operationalize the data."

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