• June 24, 2021

Rocketlane Launches Customer Onboarding Solution

Rocketlane has launched a customer onboarding platform with a purpose-built unified workspace that unifies project task management, customer communication, and document collaboration.

"Onboarding is quickly becoming the new bottleneck for fast-growing enterprise SaaS ventures," said Rocketlane CEO Srikrishnan Ganesan in a statement. "There's a software platform for almost every other stage of the customer journey--sales, customer success and support. But in customer onboarding, most make do with spreadsheets and general-purpose collaboration/project tools and achieve impaired results. The lack of a purpose-built system for onboarding leads to a dependence on the personal heroics of individuals. This usually means hit-or-miss execution, resulting in delays and botched implementations. Rocketlane aims to fix that."

Rocketlane is also catering to customer onboarding and implementation professionals with Preflight, an invite-only group with more than 550 practitioners and leaders from top companies like Gainsight, Zendesk, and Appsflyer. Members get access to exclusive events, resources and templates, and a forum to connect, engage, and grow through peer learning.

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