• June 3, 2021

Casted Adds Search, Videogram, and Engagement Features to Its Podcast Platform

Casted, providers of a marketing platform and audio and video podcast solutions for B2B marketers, today introduced search, videogram, and engagement features to help marketers escalate podcast content across all other marketing channels.

Casted Search is a search engine that transcribes and indexes every word in every audio and video file uploaded to the platform. It makes entire podcast libraries searchable, enabling access to specific conversational moments and content excerpts to use in marketing and sales.

Casted's new videogram feature helps marketers create video clips from their audio and video content and share them in social media, include them in emails, or use them anywhere that supports video and links.

Casted's Audience Likes & Shares provides marketers with more insight into the impact of their content, including identification of the moments that resonate with audiences and more metrics for measuring success. This content engagement feature allows listeners to like and share individual moments within podcasts. These likes and shares then tie back to the results of the episode and its engagement score and report.

"Content marketers today have the hardest job in marketing. The expectation to continuously crank out new high-quantity and high-quality content is unrealistic, not to mention that this approach overlooks all the opportunity locked within the content that already exists," said Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO of Casted, in a statement. "As a way to effectively and efficiently generate insightful, engaging content that resonates with their audiences, leading teams tap into the gold mine of content in their existing audio and video content. With the addition of these new platform features, Casted is further providing the tools these teams need to harness the power of their audio and video content and amplify it across all channels."

"Engagement is one of the most crucial elements in determining the health of your content, but there was no great way to measure that engagement, especially in podcasting, until now," said Adam Patarino, co-founder and head of product and technology at Casted, in a statement. "No other platform can tell you how people feel about your podcast to this extent. Our engagement feature not only provides marketers with insights to better understand audience preferences, it allows them to show how the content is impacting their brand, their business, and their overall marketing strategy so they can prove the value of their content and make informed decisions."

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