• May 19, 2021

Emodo Launches Predictive Audiences

Emodo, an Ericsson company focused on premium mobile advertising solutions, today launched Emodo Predictive Audiences, an artificial intelligence-powered targeting solution that enables advertisers to target audiences at scale, whether the users' devices have IDs or not.

Emodo Predictive Audiences leverage segment-specific machine learning algorithms to classify bid requests into audience segments in real time. The audience algorithms are trained by truth sets, including fully opt-in mobility and usage data from mobile operators.

When bids in the programmatic bid stream no longer have IDs associated with them, Emodo's Predictive Audience algorithms identify the intended audience without IDs by using algorithms designed by evaluating hundreds of attributes in real time. Early uses of Emodo's predictive audience segments have shown the ability to reach audience members at rates up to 10 times more efficient than random targeting, with prediction accuracy rates that range from 70 percent to 90 percent, according to Emodo's own data.

"One thing we learned from [the General Data Protection Regulation] is that opt-in identity models, while effective, can lack sufficient reach for many brands," said Emodo CEO Alistair Goodman in a statement. "Machine learning models create privacy-friendly, intended audiences that are as efficient as traditional solutions and complement ID targeting without compromising scale, quality, or campaign impact."

With the launch of Predictive Audiences, Emodo Audience segments are now comprised of three primary targeting methods: Verified (ID-based), Predictive, and Contextual targeting.

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