• April 6, 2021

Catchpoint Updates WebPageTest API

Catchpoint, a digital experience monitoring (DEM) provider, has expanded its WebPageTest API, which was previously limited to a small number of users, and expanded it with several upgrades, including deeper performance metrics, immediate test results, dedicated support, developer resources, and integrations.

The enhanced WPT API provides instant, programmatic access to WebPageTest data and test infrastructure, which includes in-depth front-end performance metrics and side-by-side video comparisons of user experience from the latest browsers around the world.

"We're thrilled to make the WebPageTest API available to the entire development community," said Patrick Meenan, founder of WebPageTest and engineering fellow at Catchpoint, in a statement. "It will be exciting to see the ways developers leverage the API's flexibility to optimize site performance and integrate page speed metrics into their development workflows."

The API's portability enables developers to run performance tests from simulated user environments.

"Having WebPageTest data integrated with your CI/CD process brings performance into the development conversation, ensuring sites meet speed and usability standards before they're released and experienced by users in production," said Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint, in a statement. "Developers will benefit from shortened feedback loops, accelerated delivery, and deeper performance visibility at all stages of development."

"WebPageTest highlights the factors impacting Core Web Vitals so developers can optimize the performance and subsequently, search ranking, of their top pages," said Tim Kadlec, performance engineering fellow at Catchpoint, in a statement. "Enforcing Core Web Vitals performance budgets within your release process ensures all future pages are high-performing in the long term."

Cloudinary, Cloudflare, and Snyk have leveraged the WebPageTest API to build product integrations to perform image and vulnerability analysis to improve customer page load speed and security.

"Today, vulnerability management is no longer a nice-to-have but rather a critical requirement for anyone running web applications or interactive and static websites," said Liran Tal, head of developer relations at Snyk, in a statement. "These kinds of public-facing assets are common attack vectors for malicious actors seeking unauthorized access to systems and data. Snyk uses WebPageTest to perform third-party library detection and vulnerability scanning that reveals potential security vulnerabilities in your website pages."

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