• April 1, 2021

Pipeliner CRM Adds Sales Analytics

Pipeliner CRM is launching a reporting and analytics solution to provide automatic, instant, actionable, and dynamic insights into past, current, and future sales performance trends.

New features provide sales professionals with enhanced reporting options for performance indicators and quotas, along with visual aides, such as line graphs and bar and pie charts. In addition, the Power Panel feature in Pipeliner CRM enables users to view the data from different perspectives and set filters to isolate important details and provide deeper analysis.

"The constant changes in today's business world have increased the demands for the immediate delivery of data. Automation features and functions in Pipeliner CRM provides the means for sales teams to organize and interpret data so that leadership decisions can be made rapidly and accurately," said Nikolaus Kimla, CEO of Pipeliner CRM, in a statement. "Deep analytics with actionable insights can lead to more efficient and effective strategies to leverage opportunities and quickly understand indicators and performance."

Pipeliner CRM allows organizations to interpret data using de3scriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

Another new feature in Pipeliner CRM is Performance Insights, which provides visibility into the overall pipeline health, including open versus lost opportunities. Sales teams can filter the analytics by user, sales unit, pipeline level, product lines, type of sales, or any other element.

The Performance function also provides insight into velocity, conversions, win probabilities, and the number of qualified leads.

Pipeliner CRM Forecast Reports provides a means to set and track quotas in real time. Reports can be shared only with specific team members or across the whole sales unit.

"Pipeliner is the only CRM that provides data in a fully visual form. Without this instant dynamic visualization, sales leaders cannot easily identify the trends that will greatly impact their organizations," Kimla said.

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