• March 12, 2021

Znode Launches Sales Enablement Console 9.6.3 Release

Znode, a B2B e-commerce platform provider, has released version 9.6.3 of its Sales Enablement Console.

This update provides salespeople with a new console for customer, quote, and order data. The new Sales Enablement Console is tailored for specific representative roles by territory and account assignment and provides insights into customer shopping and ordering patterns and analysis opportunities. Additional functionality includes the ability to view, create, and manage users, orders, quotes, and returns.

Also included is a CardConnect payment gateway integration with user conversion analytics tracking. This payment gateway complies with Payment Card Industry security standards.

Additionally, the Znode 9.6.3 update is now Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.

"We're excited to release the Sales Enablement Console as it originated from customer feedback and was engineered into the Znode product in a matter of months," said Rupesh Agrawal, president and CEO of Amla Commerce, parent company of Znode, in a statement. "The speed at which the Znode team was able to design and release the new native Znode offering displays the flexibility of the API-first architecture. Our customers should also benefit from the increased focus on compliance mandates with the ADA-compliant B2B theme update and now PCI-compliant CardConnect payment gateway integration."

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