• February 17, 2021

Reveal Mobile Launches Exposure-Based Attribution

Reveal Mobile, a geofencing marketing company, has launched exposure-based attribution reporting for advertising campaigns as part of its VISIT Local software.

With this new capability, VISIT Local users can measure campaign performance by tying ad views to in-store foot traffic. It lets users know who visited a retail location as a result of being served a pixeled ad. Daily updates to attribution give marketers the opportunity to adjust campaigns mid-flight, further maximizing the advertising investment.

VISIT Local's POI database also enables marketers to see campaign impact among three cohorts: existing customers, competitors' customers, and new customers who were not previously in-market.

"Being able to know if an ad drove foot traffic to a specific location has been the domain of only the largest agencies and brands, and it's been a considerable expense for advertisers," said Brian Handly, CEO of Reveal Mobile, in a statement. "VISIT Local has leveled the playing field. We are democratizing attribution. Now smaller agencies, media companies, and advertisers of any size can prove return on ad spend with pixel-based attribution built right in to our self-serve geofencing marketing platform."

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