• February 16, 2021

Really Simple Systems Launches Advanced Marketing

Really Simple Systems has updated its Advanced Marketing tool fully integrated with its CRM system, letting companies manage all their marketing and sales data in one place.

Advanced Marketing builds on the Simple Marketing tool launched last October. Whereas Simple Marketing helps users create and send email, the Advanced Marketing solution adds greater sophistication and functionality.

It includes the following:

  • An email, website, and social media page designer with a drag-and-drop interface, custom templates, a test and preview option, and the ability to add attachments to emails for sending coupons or PDFs and personalizing messages using data stored in CRM systems;
  • Static and dynamic lists and segmentation based on account type, location, created date, product, or custom fields;
  • Consent Lists to stay compliant with data protection legislation;
  • Campaign Management across events, Google Ads, direct mail and more, with the ability to log your costs along with leads and sales generated. Campaigns can be grouped into Campaign Stages, letting you mail multiple segments with either the same or a different email, create follow up stages and manage your statistics separately;
  • Stats Package, for displaying real-time results of mailings, including opens and click throughs against a timeline, logged back to the CRM account;
  • Web integration and automation; and
  • Lead management, to capture leads online or from incoming email and automate responses and actions.

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