• January 27, 2021

Hushly Launches Templatized ABM Campaign Pages

Hushly, providers of marketing platform for B2B websites, has launched ABM Campaign Pages letting marketers design and deploy custom landing pages with relevant offers and content that dynamically adjust based on each visitor's account and buying stage, intent, role, industry, or any predetermined factor.

James Kessinger, Hushly's chief marketing officer, said ABM Campaign Pages "fill a very big gap" in the accouint-based marketing tech market.

"We've automated the creation of account-specific destinations and coupled it with a responsive content journey enabled by AI and intent," he said in a statement.

Kessinger pointed out that Hushly's new product removed a "big roadblock" in terms of scale, attribution, and ROI.

Hushly ABM Campaign Pages allow B2B marketers to scale their one-to-one ABM content and pricing for thousands of target accounts.

"We love the simplicity and its ability to provide our existing customers and our prospect accounts with a rich content experience tailored to their interests and needs," said Deb Wolf, chief marketing officer at Integrate, a Hushly partner and early user of the product, in a statement

Another early user, Henry Bruckstein, CEO of CampaignStars, said he was "excited" to partner with Hushly for the new ABM Campaign Pages due to their intuitive nature, scalability, ease, and early success upon implementation.

"All the time and money spent to attract that click is nullified if you don't create a bingeable destination. That's one of the things Hushly's doing," Bruckstein said in a statement.

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