• January 27, 2021

SugarCRM Launches SugarPredict

SugarCRM today launched SugarPredict, an artificial intelligence product for marketing, sales, and customer service predictions.

As the first of many SugarPredict-powered capabilities in Sugar Sell, the technology is for lead prioritization, lead ideal customer profile (ICP) alignment, and opportunity-to-close-won scoring. SugarPredict analyzes historical account, deal, and company data to predict which leads are most likely to become customers. Lead scoring is based on similarity to historical conversions , while ideal customer profile matching identifies leads that are similar to past and current customers.

"SugarPredict helps companies replace a fragmented, out-of-date, and incomplete picture with a sharply focused understanding of both their customers and business," said Craig Charlton, CEO of SugarCRM, in a statement. "We've made significant product investments over the last year to democratize AI to drive business performance and enable predictability for companies of all sizes."

SugarPredict leverages Sugar's time-aware CX platform, which provides a full historical record of all change events related to customers and customer-facing processes. SugarPredict is based on technology from last summer's acquisition of Node.io.

SugarPredict is free for Sugar Sell customersand will roll out to Sugar Market and Sugar Serve customers later this year.

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