• December 9, 2020

Adobe Enhances Customer Journey Analytics

Adobe today announced enhancements in Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) that will deliver deeper insights through artificial intelligence.

The new AI enhancements include anomaly detection and intelligent alerts features. Through Adobe Sensei, companies get access to time-tested algorithms, producing insights that provide a better pulse on the quality of customer experiences and business performance.

By making Anomaly Detection available in Customer Journey Analytics, users can get a better sense of the hand-off between channels, such as customer support and the mobile app.

"It is purpose-built AI that helps them identify pain points or areas they can further refine the experience," explains John Bates, director of product marketing for Adobe Analytics, in a blog post. "For consumers, it means interactions that feel more connected and intuitive."

Bates also notes that Adobe will be looking to add Contribution Analysis, providing root cause analysis, to Customer Journey Analytics.

Adobe also previewed its intelligent alerts feature, part of the virtual analyst in Adobe Analytics, that will be coming to Customer Journey Analytics. With it, companies can rely on Adobe Sensei, the company's artificial intelligence engine, to uncover what Bates referred to as the "unknown unknowns."

"This is crucial to build into Customer Journey Analytics, given the uptick in data that teams will need to work with when they merge channels. Even without users having to ask, Intelligent Alerts on CJA will automatically surface insights that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. And as teams begin to engage with the alerts, the AI gets smarter and begins to personalize what is presented," Bates explained.

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