• December 9, 2020

Cogito Updates AI Coaching System

Cogito has updated its AI Coaching Systems with Signal-Based Machine Learning to understand human behavior and provide personalized contextual guidance and powerful insights throughout the call center.

"The last few years have seen incredible disruption for employees and customers alike. Enterprises that deeply understand and respond with empathy and heightened emotional intelligence will lead their industries for a long time to come," said Josh Feast, CEO and co-founder of Cogito, in a statement. "The overwhelming shift to work from home has left employees isolated and customers disconnected, highlighting the need for technology that understands and supports empathic interactions. Our AI Coaching System augments each employee to help them remain motivated and engaged, no matter where they are. It provides novel behavioral insights to organizations to deliver empathy on an enterprise scale, something that just wasn't possible before."

New capabilities include the following:

  • More powerful human-aware guidance and insights based on the unique combination of behavior and real-time word detection, with contextually sensitive AI models that detect and learn from language and the corresponding behavior;
  • Enhanced Signal-Based Machine Learning with novel neural network models specifically designed to enable incremental, real-time inferences on streamed signal data and provide continuous, extreme low-latency measurement and contextually appropriate in-the-moment intervention at scale;
  • Integrations with Amazon Connect and Five9;
  • Optimized support for remote workers, monitoring the behavior of at-home call center agents and notifying supervisors when a team member could use additional support;
  • Cogito's Models-as-a-Service (MaaS), with behavioral models that are trained, deployed and maintained based on a client's unique data and business needs; and
  • The Cogito Center of Excellence to foster a community of experts within a given organization.

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