• October 21, 2020

Semcasting Launches Activate for Identity Resolution, Audience Design, and Attribution

Semcasting, creators of the patented IP, location, and device-targeting Smart Zones technology, launched Activate, a self-serve, end-to-end identity resolution, audience design, and attribution platform.

The Activate federated ID brings privacy control to users through their brand relationships. Marketers' first-party data is loaded locally, de-identified in the matching process, and then synced to the unique user ID of each media platform. User data is never copied or stored. When the campaign is complete, Activate can resync media use of the IDs across multiple platforms in support of measurement and attribution. Activate is directly integrated with all leading buy- and sell-side platforms, including Roku, Google, Xandr, Facebook, and Adobe.

In addition to brand control, Activate's cookie-free process delivers onboarding and audience design. Third-party data is integrated directly into the onboarding workflow, supporting the optimization of segments before dollars are wasted on trial-and-error impressions. Business models are based on matched CRM records and usage, with no monthly minimums.

Activate's third-party Audience Design workflow is integrated into the audience-building process. Starting with an onboarded CRM file or a third-party segment, users can design, enhance, filter, or suppress to optimize their audiences with more than 8,600 demographic, behavioral, or transactional attributes. Activate can combine location-based audience creation by drawing a polygon on a map to identify users in a specific, targeted area and overlaying demographic attributes and store purchase data.

"Activate provides unprecedented transparency and control of the user's digital identity for both the consumer and the brand. With more transparency, users have better choices with opt-in and opt-out, and brands enhance their core relationship with customers. A cookie-free match process is required in this market at this time, but doing it with better matching and same-day time-to-market improves the efficiency of digital marketing," said Ray Kingman, founder and CEO of Semcasting, in a statement.

"It is critically important to brands that they are able to digitally activate their offline data in a safe and efficient manner. Traditional black-box onboarding doesn't work for most brands anymore. They want more control and insight into every digital audience they deploy. In many ways, Activate puts brand data owners back in charge, which is critical for the industry," said Rob Rasko, founder and CEO of 614 Group, in a statement.

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