• October 16, 2020

Bravado Launches Warm Intros Sales Marketplace

Bravado, an online community for sales professionals, launched Warm Intros, a marketplace for sales professionals to transform their networks of trusted contacts into a new opportunistic revenue stream. Bravado has already identified more than $10 million in potential income-generating opportunities.

"It's harder than ever to work in sales," said Bravado CEO Sahil Mansuri in a statement. "Tighter budgets, massive layoffs, and automation are all making the lives of sales professionals extremely difficult. Warm Intros empowers sales professionals to build upon, take advantage of, and monetize the trusted customer relationships they've created and nurtured, for years, in many cases, and, to help fill those customers' needs."

Warm Intros connects sales professionals with trusted client relationships to users who are looking to build new contacts. Instead of making multiple cold calls, sellers seeking access can simply use the Bravado platform to find community members who can provide the access they seek.

The contact owner and contact seeker then touch base, so the contact owner can ensure the contact seeker's offering is a good fit for the client's organization. If it is, the contact owner names their price. If the contact seeker agrees, the contact owner then introduces them to the client. Once the introduction is made, Bravado pays 100 percent of the declared price to the contact provider.

The sales pro who provides the customer contact gets paid, makes another connection with a reputable company via the contact seeker, and provides a valuable service to the client. Sales professionals can monetize their networks of valued customers, while maintaining trust and credibility with each and every one.

"I love both sides of the Bravado Marketplace. As a Sales Expert, I get paid to consult my past clients on innovative products to solve their key challenges. As a Requestor, it's an invaluable resource for warm intros into our target accounts. Customers prefer to work with sellers they already trust, and I'm excited to continue using Bravado!" said Stephanie Elsesser, senior vice president of sales at Rigor.

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