• September 3, 2020

RTB House Launches Streaming Video Ads

RTB House, a marketing technology provider, has employed deep learning artificial intelligence and first-party data to create Streaming Video Ads, a solution for targeting users in the upper stages of the sales funnel.

These brand-focused and dynamic video ads will offer users a viewing experience based on data-driven personalization enhanced with unique contextual elements and highly personalized storytelling. They are constantly updated, powered by RTB House's Deep Learning recommendations, and tailored to user preferences.

"Creating a lasting connection with consumers requires a deep understanding of user behaviors. Each journey is unique because every customer is different, with their own set of personal circumstances, needs, preferences, and behaviors. That is why our highly personalized Streaming Video Ads are an effective solution for any digital marketing strategy that embraces a user-centric approach," said Lukasz Abgarowicz, head of new products at RTB House, in a statement.

Streaming Video Ads are available in all popular video formats for various types of devices. To ensure ads are presented in the proper context, placements are analyzed by RTB House's contextual targeting and Brand Safety mechanisms, which use natural language processing to analyze site context for every impression delivered. Streaming Video Ads can also be bundled with other ad formats offered by RTB House, including social banners, dynamic display banners, snippet Ads, in-app campaigns, and more.

All Streaming Video Ad formats offer key performance indicators that measure videos' branding impact. RTB House's advanced analytics track user interaction and deliver insights that allow marketers to tailor their strategies.

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