Voximplant Makes Calls Smarter with AI: The 2020 CRM Rising Star Awards

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Founded in 2013, Voximplant quickly became a trailblazer in the cloud-based communications platform market with products that enable companies to bring voice, text, and video chat to their websites and mobile apps. The ambitious startup provides the required infrastructure and tools that are currently handling hundreds of millions of calls per year.

Now, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company is aggressively pursuing expansion. Voximplant, which grew out of the remnants of Zingaya, a web telephony service provider, recently secured $10 million in funding to advance that expansion.

Even before launching that effort, though, the company was already making huge waves in a crowded communications platform market. Voximplant empowers companies to accelerate real-time voice, video, messaging, and full-featured voicebot development for modern call center and telephony environments through an all-in-one platform with serverless and no-code options. It has thousands of customers in more than 200 countries worldwide and supports customers in more than 80 languages.

Key to Voximplant’s success thus far has been its artificial intelligence-powered Smartcalls product, which lets users create outbound call campaigns by uploading contact lists and configuring preferences. It can link hundreds of phone lines and includes speech recognition for call transcription, interactive voice response (IVR), and virtual agent capabilities.

Voximplant introduced Smartcalls in mid-2018 and earlier this year upgraded the product and rebranded it as Voximplant Kit.

The product, which leverages Google WaveNet for voice creation, includes call processing templates for promotions, surveys, notifications, and more. Analytics and reporting tools dissect calls, suggest ways to improve conversion, and send call details to managers through email or SMS.

The latest release features the following:

• user interface improvements designed to speed flow creation;

• step-by-step guides for building a variety of automated call campaigns;

• new outbound campaign management setup and management features;

• an expanded number of AI speech synthesis and speech recognition options; and

• a real-time visual test mode for debugging and troubleshooting.

“Voximplant Kit is a sophisticated, out-of-the-box solution for businesses looking to modernize and optimize their customer communications without having to train specialized staff and allocate large budgets,” said Alexey Aylarov, CEO and cofounder of Voximplant, in a statement. “Businesses needed better ways to interact with their audiences in a way that was approachable to management, delightful to customers, and painless to deploy. To achieve these goals, we reimagined how communications solutions are built while making our best-of-breed capabilities intuitive to access via a visual builder.”

Beyond Voximplant Kit, the company offers a range of products, including click-to-call, programmable call back, automated push notifications, and voice recording and transcription.

Voximplant has technology partnerships with Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and IBM Watson, among others. Of those, the latest is an integration with Dialogflow, Google Cloud’s AI-powered platform for building conversational experiences in communication apps. With the integration, Voximplant users can plug into Dialogflow with one click, connect to SIP or PSTN numbers, and support both incoming calls and outgoing campaigns. It provides advanced interaction features, including customizable dual-tone multifrequency, barge-in, no-input detection, recording, full audio playback controls, and more. Developers can also modify interactions from the gateway with application programming interfaces that mirror those provided by Dialogflow and drag and drop a visual IVR and customer experience automation builder.

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