• July 29, 2020

Jivox Introduces Kairos, a Purchase Prediction Engine for eCommerce

Jivox, a digital marketing technology provider, today introduced Kairos, a patented purchase prediction technology for e-commerce.

Powered by Jivox's artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Kairos help companies increase the performance of e-commerce marketing campaigns with user scoring and product affinity ranking algorithms based on interests, exhibited purchase intent, and immediacy indicators.

"As most brands experience a significant shift in consumer behavior to online shopping, one-to-one, personalized, and product-specific advertising and communications have become critical," said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox, in a statement. "The key to success in engaging consumers online is scalable creative, data, and smart algorithms applied in real time to tailored ad creative. Creative needs to be tailored based on products and the various sizes, colors, and models specific to the brand they've browsed just now, products they've just purchased or bought in the past, and recency indicators. Kairos means opportune moment in Greek, and that's exactly what this technology is meant to do: capture the attention of a consumer at the right time with the right message and convert those moments into sales."

Jivox uses its in-memory clustered Personalization Hub technology and first-party identity solution IQiD to identify, store, and process consented consumer data to generate predictions about consumers' likelihood to purchase and the products they are likely to purchase. Personalization hub processes trillions of data signals to make data available to Kairos for real-time decisions in less than seven milliseconds.

Kairos is currently available to a limited set of companies as part of an early access program and will be generally available in in the next few months.

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