• June 16, 2020

Topbox Launches Brand Experience Score (BXS)

Topbox, makers of customer experience analytics software, today unveiled Brand Experience Score (BXS), a customer experience management metric that provides visibility into the performance of customer-impacting business activities.

BXS leverages Topbox's core capabilities for aggregating and analyzing voice and digital customer interactions to generate rolling, numerical scores representing the degree of friction customers experience across specified business areas, such as product, digital, marketing, logistics, network, billing, public relations, or customer service.

BXS is generated by analyzing unsolicited, everyday customer conversations. Millions of omnichannel customer interactions are analyzed and rolled up into a BXS dashboard that displays scores for up to nine business areas, along with an aggregate score for the enterprise. Interactive spark charts display the scores for each business area and indicate increasing or decreasing trends. Users can drill down to the conversations behind low or rapidly changing scores to understand precisely where customers are experiencing friction points and how to fix those issues at the source. With this insight, organizations can benchmark customer experience across key business areas and identify and prioritize specific changes to improve customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

BXS can be configured to aggregate and analyze data from any combination of communication channels, including phone, chat, email, SMS, product reviews, social media, online communities, and surveys. Classifying that data by business function and adding a scoring algorithm and dashboard at the enterprise level allows senior management to know precisely where their customers are having issues.

"Maintaining a strong customer experience requires the ability to quickly understand changing customer perceptions, new pain points, and the ability to react and adjust strategies quickly," said Chris Tranquill, CEO of Topbox, in a statement. "With the introduction of BXS, we provide senior management and CX teams with a simple but powerful management tool to benchmark overall health of brand perception at any given time, serve as an early warning system for parts of the business affecting customer satisfaction, and gain qualitative insight to pave the way for improving customer retention and business growth."

"With BXS we get an executive-level summary of how our customers perceive each part of the business," said Michael Rigney, vice president of operations at Orvis, an outdoor gear and apparel retailer and early BXS user, in a statement. "Because it's tapping into their natural conversations, we get the topics or products they are talking about, their sentiment, and metadata like customer segmentation, all rolled up into a numerical score for each department. We are able to see which areas are meeting customer expectations and which are trending downwards, so our leadership will know right where to point the CX team for deeper analysis and resolution."

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