• June 10, 2020

Veeva Launches Link for Key Account Management

Today at its Veeva Summit Online, Veeva Systems launched Veeva Link for Key Account Management (KAM).

Veeva Link for KAM brings together data and AI-driven insights on key people and accounts from thousands of sources, such as social media, news feeds, video platforms, industry conferences, and clinical trials, as well as Veeva CRM.

Veeva Link for KAM consolidates relevant insights on customer activities and relationships using AI so teams can quickly engage with the right people and decision-makers. Customer data is constantly kept up to date through a combination of artificial intelligence and Veeva data stewards. Advanced AI analyzes millions of activities in real time, identifies patterns, and proactively delivers smart alerts for key account teams.

Veeva Link for KAM, which will be available later this year, can be used as a standalone product or with Veeva CRM. Seamless integration with Veeva CRM activity data provides account teams a complete understanding of who has relationships with key people.

Veeva Link for KAM is part of Veeva Link, a set of solutions that brings together customer data, insights, and intelligence. Veeva Link Suite also includes Veeva Link for Oncology, a data solution to centralize insights and intelligence on scientific leaders in oncology, and Veeva Link for You, an advanced data solution to provide strategic insights into scientific experts in specialty therapeutic areas.

"Commercial agility is key to delivering greater customer value and, ultimately, improving patient outcomes," said Kilian Weiss, general manager for Veeva Link, in a statement. "Veeva Link for KAM will give key account teams the data, intelligence, and strategic insights they need to speed decision-making and tailor their customer engagement."

In other news, Veeva added capabilities to Veeva Vault PromoMats to speed the digital submission of promotional materials for accelerated approval products.

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