• May 14, 2020

Adobe Adds Intelligent Services to Experience Cloud

Adobe today introduced Intelligent Services powered by its Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence engine.

Intelligent Services is built on Adobe Experience Platform to support organizations that might lack the IT resources to enable AI. This includes stitching unstructured data together under a common language, strict governance features, and a self-service interface.

The full set of Intelligent Services on Adobe Experience Platform will include the following:

  • Customer AI, to help companies analyze historical and real-time data across the business, creating propensity scores for key events like churn or conversion;
  • Attribution AI, to help companies quantify the incremental impact of each touch point, using an advanced approach to measure true marketing effectiveness and inform budgets;
  • Journey AI, to help companies predict the best time, frequency, and channel to market to customers with features like a fatigue score;
  • Content & Commerce AI, which delivers guidance on variables that result in high performance, such as colors or subjects, automatically tags assets for better searchability, and automates product recommendations based on real-time signals and customer preferences; and
  • Leads AI, which uses real-time behavioral signals to help companies predict leads that are likely to turn into tangible opportunities

NVIDIA was one of the first to leverage Intelligent Services for its marketing organization. Its team used the Attribution AI service to understand the effectiveness of marketing programs, with insights that drove five times more registrations to event campaigns. NVIDIA also used the predictive insights in Customer AI to better understand how consumers were engaging its gaming products and drive more personalized content for users and used Journey AI to predict optimal send times for emails and engage customers according to their preferences. This test drove a 14 percent lift in email open rates and validated that predictive insights can help enhance email effectiveness.

Adobe has been leveraging the Intelligent Services internally as well to power its data-driven operating model (DDOM). More than 1.5 billion propensity scores are produced daily, showing how likely customers are to take a particular action (e.g. unsubscribe) and generating target audiences that have been up to five times more valuable.

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