• May 14, 2020

Leadspace Adds Self-Serve Segment Builder in Spring '20 Release

Leadspace, a business-to-business customer data platform (CDP) provider, today launched its Spring 2020 release with a new segment builder tool in the Leadspace On-Demand application. Customers will now be able to filter and create segments from Leadspace's unified, multisource B2B graph, including first-party data and scoring.

"We received strong input from our customers that the ability to build their own account segments from our trusted, single source of truth would be a game-changer," said Leadspace's founder and chief technology officer, Amnon Mishor, in a statement. "ABMers and campaign managers can now go into Leadspace On-Demand, filter down to their ideal customer profile by firmographics, then layer on intent signals, installed tech data, and even their own custom scoring. You build the ultimate, targeted segment, then easily deploy it to marketing automation, CRM, ad networks, or any other go-to-market channel."

Leadspace also announced an ABM Dashboard that allows users to see and monitor unified account engagement across the buying journey. With the CDP's ability to collect and match multiple feeds of engagement data across digital, marketing automation, CRM, and more, this ABM Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of engagement metrics tied to real business impacts.

Leadspace also developed new engagement scoring capabilities in a beta offering for its spring release. Users can take advantage of new AI modeling capabilities that take feeds of data from marketing automation, CRM, and elsewhere to identify and score leads and accounts based on their activity, like email opens and clicks, sales interactions, and website visits.

The Leadspace spring release also includes data and platform updates, including address validation and normalization services. Users can take input addresses, ensure they are valid, then return normalized formats for better shipping and geo-location processes.

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