• April 9, 2020

ZoomInfo Launches Intent Solution for Marketing and Sales

ZoomInfo, a provider of go-to-market (GTM) intelligence solutions, today launched ZoomInfo Intent, a B2B solution that leverages machine learning to shed light on purchasing signals for marketing and sales professionals.

ZoomInfo Intent pinpoints which prospects and customers to engage and when, enabling go-to-market teams to identify new leads based on buying signals generated across the internet, and maximize customer growth and retention by knowing if they're researching the competition.

ZoomInfo Intent is now available within the ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg platform.

ZoomInfo Intent notifies sales and marketing teams when a customer or prospect signals that they're in-market and ready to talk. Companies can customize the signals they monitor to ensure the data they receive matches their unique business and product offerings.

"Intent data is a game-changer for go-to-market strategies. Sales and marketing teams can now pinpoint with unprecedented accuracy which prospects are in-market for their products and services and connect with them at the right time, with the right message," said Henry Schuck, founder and CEO of ZoomInfo, in a statement. "Once we saw the performance boost that intent data could provide, we knew we needed to integrate it into our GTM platform to give our customers a competitive edge."

ZoomInfo gathers intent data from a variety of sources, including proprietary data from its subsidiary Datanyze. Its preferencing feature allows customers to prioritize companies of specific sizes, industries, or geographies, as well as those with certain firmographics, to maximize the relevance of their signals.

ZoomInfo Intent seamlessly integrates with ZoomInfo Workflows, allowing sales and marketing teams to automatically take and set actions on companies or targets, triggered by particular intent signals.

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