• February 18, 2020

ZoomInfo Adds AI to Go-to-Market Intelligence

ZoomInfo, a provider of go-to-market (GTM) intelligence solutions, today rolled out a strategic initiative around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning within its platform for sales and marketing.

"ZoomInfo provides the most accurate and complete view of contact and company data available in the market today," said Henry Schuck, founder and CEO of ZoomInfo, in a statement. "We continue to innovate to find easier ways for customers to harness our data and make it actionable. With our new AI ICP product, our customers can now easily compare the market intelligence in ZoomInfo with their customer database to identify ideal prospects faster and more effectively than ever before."

ZoomInfo's AI initiative brings machine learning to the ZoomInfo platform.

A foundational element of the new toolset is AI-Generated Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP), automatically identifying and providing insights on which accounts are more likely to close based on existing customer traits. Leveraging 15,000 company data points, every company can create a unique ICP for their business. They can choose from standard attributes, like company size or location, or more unique identifiers, like whether a company provides a mobile app or hired a new CFO in the last six months.

Also available as part of today's release are enhanced versions of Workflows and InboxAI, two ZoomInfo tools overhauled with AI integration.

Workflows helps identify and target companies and contacts within preselectd ICPs. With the addition of AI, Workflows users will now be able to automatically trigger actions based on real-time data updates within the platform.

InboxAI, a result of ZoomInfo's recent acquisition of Komiko, is a sales communication tool that syncs email directly to CRM tools, allowing for greater, 360-degree visibility and insights into internal and external interactions across opportunities and accounts. The AI technology helps deliver insights on engagement and offers lead scores based on actions taken by prospects or customers in a given timeframe.

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