• February 12, 2020

Quiq Launches Quiq IQ for Designing and Deploying Bots

Quiq, a provider of of business messaging software for customer communications, today launched Quiq IQ to help companies create and deploy bots for the web chat and messaging channels and integrate bots into their conversation workflows.

With Quiq IQ, companies can build bots once and use them across all Quiq's supported digital messaging channels. They can seamlessly blend human and AI interaction so that agents can request a bot to participate at any point in a conversation. Some use cases include the following:

  • Greeting customers and gatheingr information to determine the nature of their inquiries to aid in routing;
  • Walking through diagnostic steps to isolate an issue; and
  • Capturing customer satisfaction at the end of web chat or messaging interactions.

"Bots help companies optimize agent resources and allow them to focus their time on customer interactions where a conversation with a human is the most valuable," said Mike Myer, CEO of Quiq, in a statement. "Using Quiq IQ, companies can provide a higher level of service to customers."

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