• February 6, 2020

NICE and ConvergeOne Launch Customer Engagement Optimization Services

ConvergeOne, a provider of collaboration and technology solutions, has partnered with NICE to launch its Customer Engagement Optimization Services (CEOS), which contains NICE's Interactive Voice Response Optimization (IVRO) and Nexidia Analytics solutions.

CEOS phase 1 provides solutions for optimizing the performance of contact centers by applying advanced analytics to IVRs and contact center speech and text channels.

These solutions can be applied to any IVR platform and use any call recording infrastructure to generate actionable analytics information.

As part of a continuous improvement program, NICE Nexidia IVRO enables businesses to visualize crucial elements of the customer's journey, identify bottlenecks, and streamline the customer experience. ConvergeOne uses advanced analytics generated by NICE's solution to recommend and implement specific changes to the IVR system, predict change impact, and drive ongoing iterative improvement.

Nexidia Analytics enables businesses to uncover missing or subtle information across 100 percent of recorded customer interactions and aggregate data into quantified and qualified metrics for continuous improvement. Statistics uncovered can include why customers are calling, interaction quality, competitive data, security or compliance concerns, product or service issues and more.

"Contact center optimization starts with a deep understanding and measurement of the customer experiences that are currently being delivered. The key is extracting meaningful insights from the data already gathered in the contact center, which proactively creates opportunities to improve applications and business processes through the insights gained with industry-leading advanced interaction analytics," said Kathy Sobus, senior director of customer experience strategy at ConvergeOne, in a statement. "We are excited to partner with NICE to launch CEOS to not only enable contact centers with these applications, but also to provide services to optimize their current environment based on insights driven from analytics.  CEOS phase 1 simultaneously enhances the customer experience and delivers operational efficiencies."

"With organizations focused on customer experience differentiation, NICE is pleased to partner with ConvergeOne in helping drive informed decisions that deliver unmatched customer experiences," said Barry Cooper, president of the NICE Enterprise Group, in a statement. "With NICE's analytics solutions we provide the visibility and insights organizations require and our partnership with ConvergeOne provides a unique opportunity to accelerate value to our customers."

NICE today also launched NICE Employee Virtual Attendant (NEVA) Unlimited, an all-inclusive robotic process automation package.

NEVA's artificial intelligence-driven interface responds to voice or text communication from employees, offering real-time process guidance and next-best-action advice, and executing tasks on their behalf. NEVA interacts with any desktop application and can trigger unattended process automation.

NEVA Unlimited includes NICE's complete range of modules, including Automation Studio, NICE's advanced design tool, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to handle unstructured data, Automation Finder for intelligent automated process discovery, and more.

"With NEVA Unlimited, NICE unlocks the full potential of the benefits that automation offers. By redefining the way commercial models are built in the industry, NICE provides transparency and simplicity that was previously unavailable. This unprecedented offering includes NICE’s full set of robotic automation solutions, and we believe it will accelerate the value automation brings to organizations and shorten time to ROI," Cooper said.

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