• February 5, 2020

TapClicks Adds Local SEM Campaign Watch to iSpionage

TapClicks, a provider of marketing solutions for intelligence, analytics, reporting, workflow, and orders management, has launched Local SEM Campaign Watch for iSpionage, its competitive marketing intelligence solution for advertising, search marketing, and search engine optimization. Local SEM Campaign Watch allows users to monitor paid search competitors in any country, state, county, city, and ZIP code.

"iSpionage's latest ability to deliver competitive marketing intelligence, especially [pay-per-click and search engine marketing] data, at the local level, is unrivaled," said Leon Krishnayana, director of product at TapClicks, in a statement. "Some of our customers have already seen incredible results, for example, closing more than $100,000 in new business by putting this technology into action. It's a great solution for sales enablement in addition to formulating SEM and PPC strategies that outperform competitors."

Local SEM Campaign Watch can provide full transparency into competitors' conversions strategies, from acquisition to conversion, and provide landing page snapshots that uncover competitors' offers in their PPC landing pages. It can also determine help companies see their own SEM performance, identify unseen weaknesses, and monitor competitive PPC offers.

Users will also be able to visualize their SEM data insights through iSpionage's Users' Journey Report and its proprietary Impression Share Quadrant. The Users' Journey Report provides a visualized conversion path from competitors' keywords to landing pages. The Impression Share Quadrant graphically maps market positioning, keyword ranking, and more against competitors at the local and national level.

"Visualizing our competitors' conversion pathway via the Users' Journey Report gives us a competitive edge, that in combination with iSpionage's SEM and SEO intelligence capabilities, help us curate campaign strategies that optimize creative landing pages and advertising copy to deliver measurable ROI," said Curt Cuscino, founder and CEO of HypeLife Brands, a startup marketing and brand development agency, in a statement. "The geo-local competitive insights from the Local SEM Campaign Watch feature are the icing on the cake that enable us to dominate localized markets and beyond."

iSpionage's full suite of marketing intelligence and research capabilities track, analyze, and report on SEM performance, SEO ranking, and competitive advertising content, landing pages, and messaging. Additional alert features provide notifications when competitors make changes to their advertising content, SEM strategy, landing pages, or PPC campaigns. iSpionage also provides access to PPC and SEO keyword data from Google, Bing, and Yahoo, including 61 million keywords, 260 million ad copy variations, and 53 million domains.

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