• January 21, 2020

Brainshark and TopOPPS Partner to Combine Sales Readiness with Pipeline and Forecast Management

Brainshark, a sales readiness platform provider, and TopOPPS, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-based sales pipeline management and forecast predictability solutions, have formed a strategic partnership that includes an integration of Brainshark and TopOPPS solutions.

Combining TopOPPS with Brainshark's solutions for sales training, coaching, content and more, allows organizations to track individual sales rep activities throughout the entire sales process, and then pinpoint and address skill gaps earlier by prescribing relevant learning content via Brainshark.

"Many sales organizations try to do pipeline analysis through their customer relationship management (CRM) systems, but these systems are simply data repositories that provide no actionable insights for sales leaders," said Jim Eberlin, CEO of TopOPPS, in a statement. "TopOPPS brings that data to life, providing activity analysis at the individual rep level, which enables a much more accurate assessment of pipeline health and productivity. This enables sales leaders to then use Brainshark to act on this data by delivering targeted coaching that directly impacts revenue."

"Proper onboarding plays a critical role in a salesperson's ability to master the skills and competencies needed to build pipeline and effectively carry out the activities needed to generate new business," said Greg Flynn, CEO of Brainshark, in a statement. "But skills development doesn't end after onboarding. The combination of TopOPPS and Brainshark allows companies to get ahead of any potential roadblocks to revenue production by continuously marrying sales training with pipeline activities throughout the sales cycle."

Last month, Brainshark acquired Rekener to deliver at-a-glance visibility into sales team activities, behaviors, and productivity. The TopOPPS partnership will provide an additional layer of insight, giving sales leaders immediate and in-depth visibility into the sales pipeline, individual sales rep performance, and sales readiness needs.

"Through our acquisition of Rekener last month, and now our partnership with TopOPPS, Brainshark is transforming sales readiness from art to science," Flynn said. "With our data-driven platform and associated technologies, sales leaders will always have easy access to the information they need to orchestrate and execute effective sales readiness strategies that deliver quantifiable growth in corporate revenue."

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