• January 10, 2020

Qliqsoft Launches Quincy, a Healthcare Chatbot

Qliqsoft, a provider of clinical communication solutions, has launched a healthcare chatbot platform named Quincy.

Quincy enables healthcare providers to build and deploy Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant, artificial intelligence-driven, conversational chatbots that help them put more care-related information into the hands of patients, facilitate self-service, improve workflow, drive better outcomes, and reduce costs.

Quincy offers chatbot templates that address care-specific use cases with pre-configured intents and dialogue flows; users can also creat customized chatbots. As a chatbot platform,

Qliqsoft's conversational patient engagement platform provides patients care-related information via mobile texting and web-based messaging. Visit verification, emergency room patient concierge, discharge follow-up, appointment reminders, pre-visit documentation, directions to healthcare facilities, medication compliance, chronic care management, billing, and care education are just a few of the care-related communication activities that are personalized and automated with Quincy.

"We believe chatbots are the future for real patient engagement in 2020 and beyond. There are many, many applications that we see and our customers see," said Qliqsoft's founder and CEO, Krishna Kurapati, in a statement. "We built our chatbot platform to be used as a place for us and our customers to explore, learn, adapt, and improve so that, together, we can solve the challenges of patient engagement. Quincy chatbots securely utilize patient information to engage patients meaningfully via their smartphones."

For hospitals and outpatient facilities, Quincy can engage with patients to manage intake and post-discharge activities. For post-acute facilities, Quincy proactively monitors patient health by soliciting vital patient data and providing care-related information. In the event a patient’s condition should indicate potential risk, Quincy can escalate the issue to a care team member. Private practice is able to provide after-hours access to care-related information, scheduling, and appointment reminders. Quincy enables pharmacies to improve medication compliance.

"We already know patients prefer communicating via mobile text messaging for many of their healthcare needs. Quincy's scalable architecture embraces that preference to streamline patient engagement and reduce costs. But, Quincy goes a step further by engaging patients in conversations that achieve healthcare objectives," Kurapati said. "Our goal isn't to simply converse with patients; our goal is to help care teams engage their patients to improve patient experience, outcomes, and satisfaction."

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