• November 27, 2019

Factual Updates Audiences with AI-Based Predictive and Loyalty Segments 

Factual, a location data company, has updated its Audience product with Predictive and Loyalty audiences built using machine-learned predictive insights to its roster of targeting solutions for marketers.

Predictive Audiences and Loyalty Audiences are built on sophisticated visitation pattern analysis, which will further enable marketers to construct highly scalable audience segments based on real-world consumer behavior. The company has also added more than 100 ready-to-use audience segments in every vertical, including auto, retail, and quick-service restaurants.

Factual builds its Predictive Audiences by developing an understanding of visitors to a place category and mapping their visitation patterns beforehand. Using Factual's Observation Graph, consumers most likely to visit a category based on these patterns can be segmented into audiences, allowing marketers to connect with them before they set foot a retail location.

Loyalty Audiences helps marketers target consumers based on their levels of engagement. With Loyalty Audiences, marketers can identify casual customers who might convert into brand advocates, isolate customers who visit their brand frequently, stay top of mind with new visitors, and more. Loyalty Audiences are available for more than 700 chains at launch, with more being added regularly.

Segments within Factual's new Loyalty Audiences include the following:

  • Brand Loyalists: Consumers who are loyal and exclusive to a brand;
  • Cross-Shoppers: Consumers who are not loyal to any particular brand;
  • New Visitors: Consumers who historically were not visitors to a brand but have recently visited;
  • Returning Visitors: Consumers who consistently visit a brand; and
  • Churned Visitors: Consumers who used to visit a brand but have not been seen recently.

Factual also released more than 100 ready-to-use audience segments that span all verticals. These new segments join the more than 1,000 existing audience segments in Factual's standard taxonomy and can be activated across many of the company's top partners, including Centro, Google Display & Video 360, MediaMath, The Trade Desk, and Xandr.

Factual's Targeting products are built on Observation Graph, Factual's proprietary, responsibly sourced dataset that interprets the movements of 300 million monthly active devices globally and filters billions of inputs, including place visitation and activity detection, daily. It is integrated within most major marketing platforms.

"With the explosion of data-driven marketing tools, marketers are now expected to know more about their target audiences than ever before and use that deeper customer understanding to drive growth and increase their return on advertising spend," said Brian Czarny, chief marketing officer at Factual, in a statement. "Factual's new scalable Predictive and Loyalty audiences help marketers target their campaigns more efficiently, reaching their customers at the right time in the buyer journey and increasing the relevance of their messages."

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