• October 22, 2019

OnviSource Releases iMachine AI Software

OnviSource has introduced iMachine, its proprietary multi-engine artificial intelligence technology that will power its multichannel and advanced analytics, robotic process automation (RPA), and intelligent virtual agents (IVAs).

iMachine combines natural language processing/understanding, machine learning, and deep learning with artificial neural networking. These technologies are being incorporated into Liaa, OnviSource's intelligent virtual agent; Intellecta, its multichannel analytics, and Automata, its RPA products, to address contact center challenges in workforce optimization, customer experience management, and business process automation; as well as automating the management of enterprise contents.

iMachine can power virtual agents to sound and act like live agents. Content of calls, audio files, email, chat, text, and structured or unstructured documents can be analyzed for intent, purpose, compliance, categories, sentiment, root causes and other complex information. Using iMachine, RPA can automate more complex, repetitive tasks that require deep analysis of unstructured content and events pertinent to complex business processes.

"For over 14 years, OnviSource has provided enterprises and contact centers with a broad range of solutions in optimization and automation," said Ray Naeini, CEO and chairman of OnviSource, in a statement. "AI is finally here to transition enterprises to their next generation of optimization and automation. With our new iMachine, powering our proven solutions with multi-engine artificial intelligence, we are well-positioned to assist enterprises in their digital transformation and next generation transition."

iMachine is equipped with user interfaces and training modules supporting its multiple engines. OnviSource also offers professional services to assist customers in training iMachine for various applications. iMachine engines are also accessible through OnviSource's open API platform for integration with third-party applications.

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