UJET Puts Dia&Co on the Plus Side of the Ledger

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Dia&Co is a New York-based online fashion retailer for plus-sized women, those size 14 and up. The company curates apparel and activewear to suit the style, body, and budget of every woman it serves. The company’s style experts hand-pick garments and then ship them to customers to try on in the comfort of their own homes.

The company also sees itself as an active member of the online fashion community.

But its participation in the online community and its ability to provide a seamless customer experience were both severely hampered by its legacy telecom provider, says Lauren Collins, Dia&Co’s senior manager of customer experience. “Our telecom provider was missing a lot of basic contact center features,” she says.

So in the summer of 2017, company officials started researching new contact center providers. In the course of that research, UJET surfaced and instantly won over Dia&Co.

“We were impressed with their product vision; they were very omnichannel-
focused,” Collins recalls. “They want to be more than just a contact center software company. They are thinking much bigger than that. The second thing is that they have shared company values. They are very customer- and client-centric, and that provided us with a very good feeling about how it would be to interact with them as a client.”

Dia&Co went live with UJET’s customer support platform in December 2017.

It’s been more of a business partnership than a customer-vendor relationship, according to Collins. Dia&Co’s product success manager meets with UJET every two weeks to discuss strategies.

“They take feedback from their customers, which can impact how the product is developed,” Collins says.

While Dia&Co had been using basic text messaging to reach some of its clients, it wasn’t taking full advantage of SMS messaging’s capabilities. As a result of discussions between the companies, UJET developed SMS-like functionality that Dia&Co could use to help customers navigate its offerings.

So now contact center agents can send texts with embedded links when customers call to report having trouble finding what they want on Dia&Co’s website. An agent can initiate a text message from the interactive voice response system with a link that shows the customer how to solve her problem. This capability has improved first-contact resolutions by about 10 percent, according to Collins.

The results since going live with the customer support platform have been “awesome,” Collins says.

Since implementing UJET’s customer experience offerings, Dia&Co has increased its customer satisfaction scores to historically high levels in the 90s, which it measures through its Zendesk CRM software.

Additionally, Dia&Co has realized cost savings of 28 percent since switching from its previous customer support solution to UJET.

There have been soft benefits as well, according to Collins. Dia&Co now has access to custom status data related to agent activity. That information is helping to make smart decisions about how to staff support functions. The additional real-time visibility into metrics around service level and queuing helps to better manage intraday labor planning. That has meant less wasted time in the contact center and a greater ability to answer customer calls quickly.

Additionally, Collins says, the UJET customer support platform has driven better product innovation, helped Dia&Co manage IT resources more effectively with new data insights, and enabled the company to integrate listening sessions into the employee onboarding experience across the company, aiding Dia&Co with its voice-of-the-customer efforts.

As UJET rolls out new functionality with its customer support platform, Collins is looking forward to adopting new features. “We see UJET as a valuable partner for the next several years,” she says. 

The Payoff

Since switching to UJET's contact center software, Dia&Co has seen the following results:

  • historically high customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores in the 90s;
  • cost savings of 28 percent; and
  • a 10 percent increase in first-contact resolutions.

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