• September 26, 2019

Respond Fast Launches Voice-Activated Call-to-Action (VACTA)

Respond Fast has launched Voice Activated Call To Action (VACTA), which allows advertisers and marketers to use smart speakers for offline offers, information sites, surveys, reviews, and other consumer interactions. It also helps track campaign attribution.

Respond Fast uses a unique phrase or code printed or announced on offline advertising media, such as a direct mail piece, print ad, collateral piece, TV/radio spot, billboard, signage, and product label/packaging. Responders simply say, "[Alexa/Google], launch Respond Fast," then are prompted to provide their phrase or code tied to a campaign or prospect outreach. Relevant marketing messaging and calls to action follow.

A multichannel campaign featuring TV, radio, direct mail, and print ads can effectively incorporate a unique VACTA code into each of its avenues. Depending on the nature of the interaction, the smart speaker can fulfill the request, or gather information needed to follow up via phone, shipping, or digital communication (e.g., text, email, website).

Part of VACTA's appeal is its "frictionless nature," said Mike Gunderson, founder and CEO of Respond Fast, in a statement. "People already are finding that calling out to their smart speaker is easier than searching on their phone. Rather than look up when a movie was made, they call out to Alexa or Google for the answer. When looking for a word definition or synonym, people can call it out instead of looking it up. It's easier, it's cool, and it's taking off as smart speaker sales skyrocket."

Gunderson adds that call-to-action tools like QR codes are very limited in what they can offer in terms of channel usage and the ability to offer a uniquely personalized experience. "VACTA is the coming wave," he said.

Users can set up a Respond Fast VACTA program through one dashboard, create the offer, decide how to deliver it, launch the campaign, analyze results, and refine/improve subsequent efforts, all on one platform.

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