• September 11, 2019

Lotame Launches Private Data Exchange

Lotame, a data solutions company, today launched Lotame Private Data Exchange (PDX), a private data marketplace of second- and third-party data providers from around the world.

Lotame verifies collection practices and the authenticity of data available through Lotame PDX according to IAB data transparency standards for quality, recency, provenance, and more.

"In today's transparency-driven and privacy-sensitive climate, finding the right data partner is harder than ever," said Andy Monfried, founder and CEO of Lotame, in a statement. "Our post-GDPR world has eroded trust and heightened standards, making the process of vetting partners and understanding data provenance an almost herculean task. Lotame knows that quality and reliability are paramount when choosing a data partner, which is why we have created a venue for highly regarded providers and authenticated sellers."

"For buyers and sellers alike, the data landscape is more complicated than ever," said Aruna Paramasivam, general manager of the Global Data Marketplace at Lotame, in a statement. "Buyers are concerned about data transparency and are changing the way they spend to focus less on data scale and more on data accuracy. Meanwhile, for sellers, the recent attention around privacy has called into question data quality and its provenance, raising the stakes for providers to curate transparent, high-quality datasets. We are offering both sides peace of mind by building a direct connection to one another and in a safe and private environment. This direct connection will forge data trust in buyers by showing exactly where their data is being sourced and how. For sellers, we are driving revenue by bringing high-end buyers to your private door, who you may not know otherwise. This is a solution built on transparency, flexibility, and trust."

Lotame PDX is the result of a year-long process, with Lotame merging its Lotame Syndicate Seller and 2nd Party Data Marketplace, while adding niche third-party data providers and a new suite of tools for buyers and sellers.

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