• July 31, 2019

Google Launches App Ad Solutions

Google today released six app advertising features: three across AdMob, Google's in-app advertising solution for publishers, and three for App campaigns that will help app developers grow their audiences and businesses by reaching the right users with the best ad experiences.

For advertisers on buy-side, Google expanded App campaigns to serve on new surfaces and inventory on the following:

  • Discover, which allows advertisers running App campaigns to automatically begin serving on Google's feed platform, which has more than 800 million users;
  • YouTube Search, which will allow developers' apps to begin showing up within YouTube search queries based on relevance; and
  • In-stream Display video, for new ad inventory that appears before, during, or after videos on all Google Display sites and apps.

For publishers on the sell-side, Google added the following AdMob updates:

  • App open ad format to help developers monetize previously untouched inventory as users wait for apps to load;
  • Smart segmentation on rewarded ad units, to help developers serve ads to users who are unlikely to make in-app purchases, originally launched on interstitial ad units but now coming to rewarded; and
  • AdMob Insights, sending alerts to developers' dashboards when the system detects abnormal changes to key metrics like eCPM, impression volume, or revenue, so they can fix underperforming ad placements or learn from overperforming ones.

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