Genesys Doubles Down on AI at Its Xperience Conference

DENVER -- With contact center volume expected to grow tremendously in the next few years, companies will rely on artificial intelligence to handle the volume, speakers said at the Genesys Xperience19 conference Tuesday.

That';s why Genesys has invested so heavily in AI. To prove this fact, the company used the conference to introduce new Genesys AI-powered capabilities to connect native and third-party technologies across voice and digital channels for comprehensive customer journey management.

These new orchestration capabilities from Genesys make it possible for multiple AI applications to work together in real time. Genesys AI can orchestrate, measure, and optimize processes at every touchpoint. This enables businesses to tailor automation, communication channels, and marketing and sales offers for individual customers, introducing new levels of personalization.

Genesys AI provides the common data framework for all AI integrations so systems are not working in silos. It captures, processes, and analyzes third-party data in the same way as its own AI applications, such as Genesys Predictive Routing, Altocloud Predictive Engagement, and Automated Forecasting and Scheduling. In addition to delivering advanced orchestration, Genesys AI enables real-time predictions, speech and text analytics, self-service automation, and more.

An example is the coordination between Genesys AI and chat and voice bots. When a customer begins an engagement with a bot, Genesys AI can detect if escalation is needed. It can then use predictive routing to identify the best agent to handle the interaction and pass the inquiry to that individual with full context.

Both on-premises and cloud customers around the world are realizing additional advantages, according to Genesys, which cited Entel, a telecommunications company in Chile, as an example. Entel reportedly increased revenue by 5 percent, decreased costs, and improved customer satisfaction in six months using Genesys AI to orchestrate all customer interactions with technology from Google Cloud and IBM Watson.

Another example is Norwegian financial services firm DNB, which is using Genesys AI to improve accuracy, leading to better predictions and faster responses to customer inquiries.

"Genesys sews everything together to make the perfect customer journey," said Anders Braten, DNB's head of technical operations and customer solutions, in a statement.

"It's all about the moment," said Mark Turner, executive vice president of global sales and field operations at Genesys. "Companies are doing a lot of things, using AI, moving to the cloud, digitization and digital workers. They are rebranding the event. Customer experience is the key here. Companies need to deliver a better customer experience to achieve a better return on investment."

"The opportunity is huge," said Tony Bates, who last month replaced Paul Segre as CEO of Genesys. Segre still serves the company as chairman. Bates was a former executive with Cisco, Skype, and Microsoft.

The need to seek a blend of solutions is being driven by the expected growth in contact center communications. Genesys officials cited a Gartner report that predicted the number the number of contact center communications will grow 3.5 times within the next three years.

Christopher Connolly, Genesys' vice president of product marketing, told CRM that AI solutions from Genesys and third-party vendors can aid contact centers in quickly determining how each contact should be handled. Some contacts will go to bots, others to humans, and still others to some combination.

The key is to use AI, machine learning, and other input to determine the most efficient matter of handling the contact. For example, if the contact center provides agents with real-time information from its website they can proactively tell if a customer is calling about something on the site, Connolly said. By doing so, the agent can go immediately to the customer's concern without wasting a lot of time determining what prompted the call.

Certain website interactions can predict customer behavior, according to Connolly. In telecom, for example, a customer visit to the rate portion of the provider's website might be a good indicator that the customer is considering changing carriers. By knowing the customer has looked at the rates, the contact center agent can be prepared with retention strategies before the customer calls, he said.

Genesys also used the conference to introduce a new analytics dashboard, enabling businesses to better understand customer intent, visualize containment rates, and optimize bot usage in a single view.

The new dashboard and Genesys AI's advanced orchestration capabilities are available now among a broader collection of the company's 2019 innovations, including multiple feature enhancements across the Genesys PureCloud, PureConnect, and PureEngage solutions and delivered via Genesys Cloud.

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