• June 7, 2019

Big Squid Launches Ultra-Fast Kraken Prediction API

Big Squid has released an ultra-fast Kraken Prediction API, providing decision makers and business analysts with real-time predictions that are immediately actionable.

The API allows users to deploy analyses and take prescriptive action through real-time and row-level predictions integrated directly into business intelligence tools, data warehouses, business rules engines, CRM systems, or other software solutions.

"The API is just one more way we are working to democratize data across an entire organization, independent of role or experience with machine learning," said Matt Belkin, Big Squid's president, in a statement. "We have many customers and partners seeking to incorporate machine learning into their product and service offerings. Unfortunately they lack the resources and know-how to make that happen. The Prediction API changes this entirely, allowing them to incorporate real-time predictions into their custom offerings, how and when they need it."

"We realized that a data-literate organization isn't going to settle for a few teams or individuals leveraging machine learning, but would want to extend those capabilities to as many people as possible," said Brian Shindurling, vice president of marketing at Big Squid, in the statement. "We wanted to give our customers the means to be as creative as possible, and we are blown away at what we are seeing. The Prediction API is another example of the work Big Squid is doing to define how machine learning is applied in business."

Kraken already allows analysts to create predictive machine-learning models. The Prediction API extends the power of those models to multiple end-users by integrating data-driven, prescriptive, action directly into their day-to-day work. It ican be deployed in a variety of ways and allows for the creation of customizable applications.

Big Squid's release of the Kraken Prediction API comes on the heels of other customer-centric features, namely the CSV upload, on-premises deployment capability, and Snowflake integration.

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